Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Index to Posts Concerning Vision Forum at Under Much Grace

For posts through 30Nov11
Approaching for years of posts here at Under Much Grace, I thought that it was about time for an index of particularly pertinent posts concerning Vision Forum (VF), my primary reason for blogging. I very likely will not keep updating it, but this will at least help people navigate through the number of posts that already appear here.  (I've also included a list of important offsite links with additional info at the end of the list of posts.)

If you're looking for up to date information about Vision Forum and a more comprehensive critique of their doctrines, please visit Rethinking Vision Forum. The hosts of that site have collected all sorts of input from a wide variety of sources and perspectives, and all of the material deals specifically with the problems of Vision Forum's ideology.

Though it has been nearly four years since I made the presentation, I believe that the best overview of the topic can be viewed by watching the Patriarchy Workshop Video from 2008. Though VF cleaned up their “Tenets of Biblical Patrairchy” since that presentation and no longer teach that women cannot vote, the remaining material remains quite relevant.

I recommend starting your review here with the series of posts here at Under Much Grace concerning Multigenerational Faithfulness. Until I studied the material concerning this neologism that they created, I don't think that I fully appreciated the extent of their distortion of Christian doctrine. Until I delved into this study, well after I understood Vision Forum's perspective, I believed that VF just taught some misguided doctrine but that the core of their teaching was within the pale of orthodoxy. After reviewing the material on Multigenerational Faithfulness, my heart changed entirely. I now believe that they preach a different gospel. It is not the message of God's grace which is freely offered to us through the shed Blood and Sacrifice of Jesus because of His great love for mankind. Vision Forum doesn't even preach “replacement theology.” It is another gospel and a tradition of a works. In Vision Forum, man becomes a New Adam, not a new creation in Christ. Women are saved through a male intercessor. That's another gospel.

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      Other Links and Resources

      Last but not Least!