Essential Viewing/Listening

SHORTER Videos  ~  Minimal and Essential Viewing
for Understanding Manipulation, Authority and Group Think:
  •  Asch Conformity Study    (Study evaluating how subjects respond to social influence and popular opinion as a force that powerfully affects perception)
  • The Milgram Study    (Study evaluating willingness of subjects to follow instructions given by a perceived authority figure)
  • The Power of the Situation     (A documentary reviewing conformity studies and the powerful effect that social pressures, authority figures and circumstances impose upon individuals)

Longer Video Sessions:
  • **The Wave    (A film that depicts the disturbingly true story of a classroom experiment in a history class in a California high school.  The teacher sought to demonstrate to the students how German citizens so readily accepted the Third Reich to his class by exposing them to some of the behavioral techniques used.)
  • Battle of the Minds -- Note that the first minute of the video includes an on-screen test pattern with unpleasant tone followed by a black screen.  (1990s documentary about the movement within the Southern Baptist Convention to remove women from positions of autonomy and ministry.)

AUDIO Resources

Radio Interviews by Jan Markell with Apologists Christopher Lawson and Eric Barger discussing Spiritual Abuse, courtesy of the Spiritual Research Network and Olive Tree Ministries on "Understanding the Times" Radio:

Spiritwatch Ministries Audio: