Friday, June 20, 2008

From the "Return of the Daughters" to the Liberation of the Daughters of the King: Resources to Combat Botkin Syndrome

The teachings of the Botkin family, including Geoff Botkin and his daughters Elizabeth and Anna Sophia promote many unhealthy patterns of enmeshment and family dysfunction according to the professional addictions and recovery literature. Many who have reviewed their teachings believe that their ideology hinges critically on their misinterpretation and eisegesis concerning Chapter 30 of the Old Testament Book of Numbers. For additional information refuting many of these teachings from the Old Testament using Orthodox Judaism as a contrast, please review this collection of posts from Maurice Lamm's “The Jewish Way in Love and Marriage,” and check with the True Womanhood website for discussions on these matters. True Womanhood soon plans to post a new topical index of the discussions on many long threads including the “Visionary Daughters” (the Botkin Sisters) and the 7th thread discussing the patriocentric oddity known as the “Prairie Muffin Manifesto” for an easier reference to the discussions of their teachings.

As I've discussed before on Under Much Grace Blog, these teachings concerning fathers and daughters not only insert a human intercessor into a woman's relationship with God, but they also correspond to what is hopefully non-sexual but gender related “incest” or the inappropriate using of daughters by the father to meet their own emotional, psychological, spiritual or physical needs. There is however, a widespread usury of children and family inherent in the teachings of the patriocentrics in general, so I have listed resources that address the general problem of family dysfunction here as well.

I also stress the importance of the list of resources in the preceding blog post entitled “The Journey Out of Shame.” Kathryn Chamberlin's “From Shame to Glory” and/or the Christian, Minirth-Meier publication, “Love is a Choice” remain essential resources for anyone seeking to heal from or understand the roots of these inappropriate relationships within families.
Covert or Emotional Incest:
(Non-sexual but gender related inappropriate usury of family members to meet unmet needs or to medicate shame)

Sexual Abuse

Family Dysfunction and Healthy Parenting