Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Summary of Blog Posts About Kinist Racism in Patriocentricity and Vision Forum

Taunya Henderson continues her series on "The Marketing of the Titus 2 Woman," taking on the topic of racism and kinism.

I've already written a great deal on this topic, and I recently included the subject in a list of questions that I sent to Dr. Voddie Baucham after he agreed to answer my questions, all questions that remain unanswered.

For the benefit of the readers here, I will post a summary of my posts on kinism to make it easier to review them, a most unpleasant and depressing topic. I find kinism to be merely a convenient excuse for hatred and elitism, both of which are inconsistent with Christianity under the New and Better Covenant.

Introduction to Kinism

  • Perception: A Major Problem for Patriarchy (An introduction to how kinism figures into the so called “Biblical patriarchy” or patriocentricity movement. It does NOT detail the saga of how the kinists became offended by RC Sproul, Jr’s adoption of a son with Black skin and the war that followed among the Dabney-hailing factions within patriocentricity. The true agrarian kinists viewed Sproul and his close associates as “Dabney turncoats” who abandoned their “true” Southern Cause.)
  • Not Just Whistling Dixie (My unique personal experience of waking up to kinism at work in the Reformed corner of the Church.)
  • Getting Back on the Same Page (Discussing what it was like having a husband who had been indoctrinated to love the “Southern Cause” without question as a religious and patriotic tradition. I had to show him the actual racist writings of Dabney before he would believe that he said anything openly racist because of the way Dabney ws presented to him in history courses at Virginia Tech.)
  • May the Lord Alone Rise Again (Neither North Nor South) (Problems with mixing religious idealism with politics in a pluralistic, democratic republic. Some matters are religious, and some matters should be informed by our Christianity and not expressly ruled by it. Peripherally mentions kinism.)
Kinism in Central Illinois
Racism and Kinism in Patriocentricity: A Study of the Relationship
Agrarians and Kinism: Carmon Friedrich as a Prototype
  • Doug Wilson on “Guilt By Association” (A comment related to the discussion of many overlapping relationships of individuals involved in Rushdoony-oriented Reformed Christianity, agrarianism and the patriocentrics.)