Thursday, July 24, 2008

By Request: Vision Forum's Revisionist Art History

A few months ago, someone commented to me that Vision Forum products appeared right along side Saxton Math books in the CBD catalogue. So I went to their website, just out of curiosity, to see just how many VF books they offered there. I put VF into their search engine online and was immediately drawn to the disturbingly wrong but familiar picture in the sidebar.

I have long loved the paintings of the Pre-Raphaelite painter, Edmund Blair Leighton. When I lived in Bandera, Texas, I filled the huge space above our fireplace with two poster prints that complemented one another: "The Accolade" and "Godspeed." I am told that, as was the fashion of the Pre-Raphaelites who depicted scenes from traditional literature, "The Accolade" is actually a rendition of Gwynnevere knighting Lancelot. I drew much inspiriation from it, as I always thought of the spiritual authority that God bestows upon us, giving us His Name as Believers. We are children of the King and are mightily blessed.

By popular request, I present for you the comparison between these two "works."

First, the original:

Now the revision:

It's sad because many people have commented to me that it looks as though Gwynnevere is either doing something improper to this young Lancelot or is circumcising him -- if you're familiar with the original painting, considering that she's holding a sword. Like Job, the patriocentrists' own worst fear seems to have come upon them? It's also disturbing imagery because the subjects in the painting look more as though they are the same age, and the book concerns fathers and daughters. So the mental images that this suggests become all the more disturbing.

And all because these men cannot bear the thought of a woman holding more authority than a man? How ridiculous! She was Arthur's Queen! What does that say about medieval marriage? "Mutual Submission with Delegated Authority and Responsibility?" God Forbid!!!