How to Navigate the Site

Revised 3Feb13

Due to the wide varieties of topics discussed on this blog, it can be a challenge trying to find blog posts on a given topic. I also sometimes use terminology from other disciplines that discuss an issue concerning aberrant Christianity or spiritual abuse, but that might not be how a person might describe things. So in the interests of helping people navigate to certain subject matter, I keep trying to find the best way to help people find what they seek.  In the meanwhile, try this strategy:

  1. SEARCH BOX. Your best bet to find particular topics will be to use the search box at the top of the sidebar, then take notice if there are other related items of interest by clicking on the tag at the bottom of the post.
  1. SIDEBAR. Don't miss the important summaries of information and highly recommended resources listed in the sidebar itself. Take advantage of the blog buttons that will link you to important info. The graphics usually will redirect you to another webpage or post. Note that there are two sets of “blog topic buttons” – one devoted to spiritual abuse and the other devoted to issues within patriarchy.
  1. LIST OF TOPICS. Try selecting items from the list below. (Some links will direct you to lists of related posts on certain topics which usually include some specifics about each blog post. Some links will take you to the sister archive site which allows for easier reading of longer content or series of posts on a particular topic. On rare occasions, you'll be redirected to all posts via a post tag descriptor if I'm currently developing a category list for those items.)
  1. TABBED PAGES. Make sure that you take a look at the tabbed pages at the top of the blog, including essential media, a link list, and a list of old, good and faithful books including ideas about how to tackle the subject to help you get started.
  1. TAG LIST. (You can try it! There are some good topic tags still hidden in there.)
  1. Contact me if you're searching for something in particular and can't find relevant content.

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