Friday, May 13, 2011

Some Family Integrated Satire

Enjoy a little humor for the weekend, though it's a sad commentary on a sad reality.  I found the video on a blog comment that added that "the Quiverfull Movement will be barren within a decade if this keeps up!"  The second video points out well the truth that very few homeschoolers within the hardcore end of the Quiverfull/Patriarchy Movement encourage their sons to serve in the military.

For those unfamiliar with the specifics of groups like Vision Forum (VF) who glorify military battles of the past through items like the "League of Grateful Sons" (a video by VF), these videos posted here today point out the irrational Cherry Pie Theology (my new coined and clever term) that results from cherry picking favorite doctrines.  Quite often, the behavior of groups like Vision Forum end up working the functional opposite of what the group says it hopes to accomplish.

This is a function of spiritual abuse.  In addition to the focus on parental authority, image consciousness, perfection, and members who are never permitted to express doubts or confusion about the ideology, these videos point out well how focus on special pet doctrines and practices (those cherry picked ones) as opposed to the central message of Christianity often ends up defeating the group's special purpose anyway.

My husband says whoever produced these should win an Emmy and should put VF's film festival to shame!

From YouTube's fandediscussions  | May 14, 2010 
Please read this before commenting. I am not against Christianity or against homeschooling. I am not even against parents raising their kids with their values. What I am against is the current patriocentric paradigm where a girl is taught that her only calling is to marry whatever young man her father either approves or finds for her, and bears his children. But whenever any young men come around, the father finds fault (too poor, not doctrinally compatible, not good looking enough). And so the poor girl stays home, "learning to serve her father at home" as she grows older and less nubile. It is normal for parents to think that no one is good enough for their child. But these patriarchal families take it to the extreme, and the girls trapped between a rock and a hard place. God is not the author of this confused movement.

More from YouTube's fandediscussions  | Nov 14, 2010 
I'm not down on homeschoolers - in fact, I am a homeschooling parent. But many homeschoolers have real issues when it comes to launching that arrow out of the quiver. 

HT to the Traditional Catholicism blog and one of the participants there for posting one of the videos under a discussion of Stay at Home Daughters.