Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alternative Music for Manly Men (Tights Not Included)

I've long been a Mel Brooks fan, and when discussing all of this patriocentric nonsense, my husband and I often joke about "Robin Hood: Men in Tights." It seems the patriarchs like to dress up quite a bit, and some of them actually wear tights when they do!

I laughed quite a bit today over this silly chain of interrelated patriarchal weirdness. Someone sent me an entry from the Patriarch's Wives Yahoo Group wherein someone wrote this comment:
From what you wrote, I would think that your thoughts are taking you to an extreme. Sort of like the monks of old who would flatulate themselves (is that the word?) because they were sinners and had to "pay" for that sin somehow.
Well, it wasn't the right word, so we all got a chuckle. (It actually sounds like something I might do or say, and flatulence always makes for good, silly humor.) My friend wrote to me and said that "being a monk was stinky business." So the jokes just started to write themselves after that. I wondered if it would cause a monk to violate his vow of silence? Could it be self-punishment or could some of the penance require the gracious bearing of another's flatulence?

(Look... when the patriarchal subject matter is this depressing,
you have to get all of the laughs that you can!)

But it gets even better.

Imagine how funny it was to look at Vision Forum's blog today to see a notation for "Manly Songs for Manly Men," recommending a CD entitled "Blow Ye Winds in the Morning!" Talk about following a trend! I showed my husband the blog entry, and he sat back, commenting that he wished we had a copy of photoshop. So I impressed him with the satirical version of my own album cover featuring the above "manly men" alternative (made with SnagIt).

As I sat here, humming, my husband asked me if I was writing songs for the album! Since I didn't, I would like to introduce, for your amusement, the manly men song.