Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Magic, Disappearing Blog Posts: James McDonald Never Paid the Printer....

Well James McDonald got caught scrambling to hide information about how he never paid the printers for Homeschooling Today magazine. Another website contained a whole narrative about the McDonalds and some very uncomplimentary information about xxxxx. But after it was brought to light on the True Womanhood blog and pointed out to yet another die-hard defender of James and Stacy McDonald that prospective buyers had full knowledge of the unpaid debt owed to the printer used to produce Homeschooling Today magazine, I guess the McDonalds went into action to work their magic disappearing act yet again.

Updated 14Nov08:

Visit The McDonalds and the Sale of Homeschooling Today for further updates.

Note: The information on the above site has been amended, and additional information about the matter will be forthcoming. I have been granted permission to post this quote (from a contract employee and potential buyer) regarding the unpaid debt incurred by Homeschooling Today when under the ownership of James M. McDonald V:

Because James couldn't meet the print deadline, he began to label the editions according to the season, e.g., Winter Edition or Spring Edition. I noticed this and told him that this was dishonest. When I found out that he wanted to use another print company to print his magazine because he still owed too much money to his regular print company, I told him that this was not ethical. He wrote back that it was ok because he had the intention to eventually pay his regular print company. I was asked to sell anyway, which with a good conscience I could no longer do. When James terminated our work relationship I could only say that I had completed all tasks he had asked me to do that I believe I with a good conscience could do.

NOTE: Post amended 14Nov08. More information concerning this matter will be forthcoming at a later date.