Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another Church Advocates an Aggressive Discipline Program for Children? A 15 Year Old Beaten with Metal Rod

Arrested for Abusing 15 year old

On December 11, Orange County Register reported the beating of a 15 year old for the sin of carrying a cigarette lighter and was presumed to be lying about smoking. The father of the boy apparently gave permission to a leader in the church bring the boy their Irvine home in order tto beat his son repeatedly in the back of his legs with a metal pole which was reported to be 1 inch thick.

Police arrested the 39 year old man who worked for a Lutheran Church in La Habra, California, an individual in the church which this source states is employed by church members to deliver aggressive discipline to their children.

Though not confirmed, the congregation is believed to be an ELCA Congregation (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). The ELCA is generally known to be a more liberal Lutheran denomination. 

The LCMS (the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) accepts the Danvers Statement, a doctrinal statement about gender that emphasizes submission that is often used by individual churches to justify the abuse of women, but the ELCA opposes this position on gender.   (I rather expected to learn that the church in question was an LCMS congregation and is therefore given to an overemphasis on authority and hierarchy, so I am surprised to learn that the congregation is affiliated with the ELCA.)