Tuesday, October 14, 2008

True Woman Gives Birth

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True Woman '08 Conference

1. From Paula Fether's "Words of a Fether":

You Like Manifestos?

This post is in response to “The True Woman Manifesto“, a male supremacy-endorsing document meant to be signed by Christian women as, I suppose, some sort of defiant reaction against people like me who believe that the very concept of supremacy between one believer and another is exactly what Jesus came to abolish. Enjoy.

Read a response to the Manifesto HERE and download her True Christian Manifesto.

2. From "True Womanhood in the New Millennium"
(which has nothing to do with the True Woman Conference) :

Corrie's Thoughts on the True Woman '08 Conference

I am, of course, skeptical. Two words keep on going through my mind: Trojan Horse.
Even though there is nothing really said in those sessions I would overtly disagree with (I didn’t go to all of the sessions, so I need to listen to the audio of the other ones before I make an informed opinion), I am concerned about what is underneath the surface because that is when the rubber hits the road.