Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Items for Weekend Reading

#1: Announcing

With all of the discussion concerning the Former Hephzibah Girls who survived the suburban gulag at Hephzibah House in Winona Lake, IN, they have given themselves a facelift and adopted a domain name that is easier to convey and type!  (The Blogger URL is  

The blogger site remains along with all of its previous pages and links, but its look has been refreshed. To get there, if you don't have a readily available link to click on at your fingertips, you need only type in “” for redirection to the old site with familiar content.

I find that the header still conveys that look of a burqa, something that many find to be quite a fitting reference for what is required of many women in Evangelical Christianity these days. (Please see that other Cindy's excellent blog, Baptist Taliban Memoirs, and note that I understand that she is or was at one time very active on FaceBook, too.)

#2: More about the Challenge Before the Baptist Church concerning Abuse

Several people that I've talked with offline recently expressed interest in reading Christa Brown's article on the Associated Baptist Press which appeared on April 18, 2011.

For those of you unfamiliar with Christa, the short version of her bio posted at the end of the ABP article notes:

Christa Brown is an advocate for victims of sexual abuse by Baptist clergy. She maintains the Stop Baptist Predators website and is author of This Little Light: Beyond a Baptist Preacher Predator and His Gang. After a 25-year career as an appellate attorney, she is now a Ph.D. student at Iliff School of Theology. This article also appears on her blog.

Noteworthy discussions of the topic appear on Christa's blog and on the FBC Jax Watchdog site commenting on the article and the subject. When I read them, I wept.

Also noteworthy, if you look at nothing else concerning this topic, please note the quotable quotes from Baptist leaders on the sidebar at, a section entitled Collusions and Cover-ups.