Friday, August 1, 2008

Who Does This Look Like To You?

Who does this look like to you? Does this remind you of your spiritual abuser? Does this remind you of a religious leader? Of a family member? Yourself?

Before I list exactly what this list of traits describes, I would like you to consider them on their own merit. I have removed the descriptive term from the traits. You will have to link below to discover what the traits describe.

From page 23 of a selected text to be revealed after you’ve considered the traits and whether they describe you.

“The Ten Traits of _________”

1. ...driven by one or more compulsions

2. ...bound and often tormented by the way things were in the dysfunctional family of origin

3. ...self-esteem (and, frequently maturity) is very low

4. ...certain that his or her happiness hinges on others

5. ...Conversely, ...feels inordinately responsible for others

6. ...relationship with a spouse or Significant Other Person (SOP) is marred by a damaging, unstable lack of balance between dependence and independence

7. ...master of denial and repression

8. ...worries about things he or she can’t change and may well try to change them

9. ...their life is punctuated by extremes

10. ...constantly looking for something that is missing or lacking in life

Now, if you’ve been honest in your answers, link to find the source of that the list of traits was excerpted from and what the traits describe.

Note: Trait 7 is kind of a misnomer, because a person who is in denial and demonstrates repression will not really be able to honestly answer.