Saturday, September 1, 2007

On Doug Phillips' Cultic "Patriarchy" Movement

Another consideration is that of the artifice and intent of the group and/or leader. For a short period of time, I attended the same church as Doug Phillips, at Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in San Antonio, Texas. Concerning Doug Phillips of Vision Forum, when I met him in 1999, I considered him to be “cultic,” demonstrating that I recognized that he was “aberrant” in his behavior (as was Bill Gothard of "Institutes in Basic Life Principles" fame). I would also say that the church that I left was a not necessarily a“cult” (Severn Covenant Church in the DC Baltimore Metro Area) but that the movements that influenced them were “cultic.”

When Vision Forum published his ORIGINAL 2003 version (now retracted)of the “Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy” and from Doug Phillips documentable behavior in response to the criticism he received as a direct result, I no longer considered him to be merely “cultic” but the group to be a well-documented, sociological cult. These additional factors demonstrated that his ideology met all the criteria put forth by Robert J. Lifton in variying degrees. Initially, I only had the collectivisitic and somewhat gnostic characteristics to consider. Publication of the “Tenets” established the authoritarian component that was not readily apparent or well-documented prior to 2003. Jennifer Epstein adds to this growing evidence concerning Doug’s patterns of behavior as well as highlighting the gross lack of accountability on Doug’s behalf.
Traci said...
Cindy,I saw the video about the Lucifer Effect and it has encouraged me to be in the minority to want to be a heroine. Thankyou for this blog and the risks you are taking to bring exposure to these groups.You are one of a few who are leading the way. Thankyou for that!
September 10, 2007 2:38 PM

Cindy said...
Thank you for commenting, Traci and encouraging others to do the same. So moved by your comment, I just posted a new blog entry that highlights Zimbardo's lecture.Thank you for your encouragement. May we all aspire to be heroic in the face of the trappings of our fallen nature, praying that Christ inspires us to shine in the darkness. But for grace, there go I.
September 10, 2007 8:01 PM