Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Spiritual Advice from Jiminy Cricket?

Yes, I drew this.
While trying to update the links on an old post concerning CJ Mahaney, I stumbled across an article published that same morning that declared that Al Mohler has apologized for standing by CJ Mahaney so staunchly when members of Sovereign Grace Ministries filed a class action suit against him for sexual abuse and coverups. The Gospel Coalition was quite vociferous in their support, and I'm told that they started deleting social media posts because their readers were so appalled. 

When the DC area judge dismissed the case because some of the plaintiffs were from states wherein the statute of limitations had expired, I know that I was appalled to read Al Mohler and company's comments that the legal case some how completely exonerated Mahaney from any wrongdoing. (Since when did Caesar's courts outweigh the moral standards of the Church? Sheesh!)

Well, I learned today why it was necessary. The Houston Chronicle published its first of a series of articles investigating the past twenty years of sweeping scandals and sex abuse under the Southern Baptist's Convention's rug. On the heels of their embarrassment created by the #MeToo Movement, we again have what Samuel called “the rod of man” forcing Evangelical leaders into doing what is right. Lovely. Just lovely. Newspapers have become our presbyters in Evangelical America.

I've seen the list of names that the SBC has proposed to on a committee to produce a twelve part, twenty minute training for their congregants or some such thing. It's stacked with people who have big names, some of whom will appeal to the former members of Sovereign Grace Ministries. It looks to me like just another Public Relations move to make it look like the powers that be did something. Yeah. Right. Sure. I wonder if the people on the list who actually understand what's going on and where the problems are will even agree to participate. I wouldn't. If I did, they'd probably throw me out. (Getting thrown out seems to be my gift. I have a talent for pointing at the naked emperor.)

Follow the money. Batten down the hatches and man up for the damage control. While God weeps.

Jiminy Cricket would do a better job, I think.