Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Pinocchio, Al Mohler, and Geoff Botkin

I don't know how this stuff happens. I'm deeply honored that my Jiminy Cricket meme has been featured right beside Christa Brown's comment about the new public relations move of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). It reminds me of that Judge Judy saying, “Pee on my shoe, then tell me it's raining.”   [I also don't know why the formatting is so crazy in this post.  I give up on it.  Please don't write to tell me.  I already know.]

                         for such a time as this’ a second time:

Christa Brown, an abuse survivor and advocate who first suggested creation of a system to receive, evaluate and share information about known or credibly accused abusers in Southern Baptist life in 2006, said she would like to hear less talk from SBC leaders and see more action.

Previously, J.D. Greear promised ‘bold steps,’” Brown commented on Greear’s reform proposals. “But this announcement isn’t ‘bold;’ it’s just bare-bones.”

I guess that the wealthy, privileged, popular, angry, restless, and reformed just think that the rest of us are just not very bright. What's left of Vision Forum Royalty doesn't either. The SBC seems to have traded in the Holy Spirit for image and reputation consultants, when they would have been better served by listening to Jiminy Cricket. At the same time, the visionary daughters of Geoffrey Botkin seem to be wishing on a star, hoping that their dreams of everyone forgetting what their family (once?) stood for will come true.

I can only hope that the folks at Baptist News Globa lwhistle while they work now and then. They need the levity. (But that's a different Disney film.)

For those who may have missed the Disney references: