Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Book Month: All Throughout September (Dashed Spellcheck!)

To launch the Look at Books month, 
I'm happy to announce that Adele Hebert has made her book

All the scriptures pertaining to 
Women and Children in the New Testament

available for free via download
to any and all who would like a copy of it!

Adele who has graciously shared her writings here on this website has written a wonderful book that looks at every Scripture in the Bible that speaks the truth about what the Word really says about women.  (My review of it appears HERE.)  She is a true scholar of the Word who has assisted other writers with research in the preparation of their own works, but her writing brings to mind the joy that I feel about knowing my loving Savior. She puts forth the Word and elevates it above all else. She does address the contemporary problems that have resulted from or have been fostered by complementarian ideology (which postulates that gender role playing is demanded by God), but in so doing, she maintains a central focus on Scripture, God's love for mankind, and the love of Jesus as the central feature of the discussion. Though she encourages the reader by discussing many relevant topics, I also so love the section that notes the content concerning women throughout the whole New Testament, book by book.
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Here is her bio from God's Word to Women, a website that has benefited greatly from Adele's time and volunteer work to make so much of Katharine Bushnell's work available online.
Adele Hebert is "driven to study the word". Asked to describe herself, she recalls the honor of being recognized as an Independent Scholar by author Leonard Swidler for whom she worked as an editor and contributor for the book Jesus Was A Feminist (which includes one of her articles). She has also edited other Christian books and newsletters, including CBE International newsletters and she typed the GWTW book and many of Katharine Bushnell's articles which are centerpieces of the GWTW site. Delighted to have her article included on the GWTW website, Adele is confident that this message will bless many women.
(Read even more about Adele HERE, as I once honored her with the Stylish Blog award!)

To obtain your copy of the book:

Visit the download site at EveryWomanAndChild.com, and follow the instructions there.  You can also still obtain a hard copy of the paperback edition of the book by linking to the Create Space website HERE.

Thank you Adele, my sweet friend, for your labors of love and your gracious gift of your labor.  This book is truly a love letter to all of us.  You are such an inspiration and encouragement to me!