Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Ugly Underbelly of Racism in the Fringe End of Christian Homeschooling: A Call for Personal Accounts

12Feb19 Addendum:  while a good bit of this blog is currently sitting in draft while I wait on a new computer, I’ve restored this post.  Because the Botkin daughters are subject to bounded choice as SGAs, and because they allege that they don’t understand what I’ve termed “Botkin Syndrome” and believe that I’ve exploited their name while accusing their family of a felony, in the spirit of compassion, I wish to edit to remove the moniker.  I claimed it initially as a theological term which their tradition is known to have a terrible habit of themselves, and they claim that it is a diagnosis (that might be found in the Diagnostics and Statistics Manual).  An in-depth, four part description of Second Generation Adults (SGA) and bounded choice can be read at Spiritual Sounding Board. 
Though I understand that Homeschoolers Anonymous is now inactive, the cult education effort defines them as SGAs of the Christian homeschooling movement.

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Racism and kinism have been a topic of interest on this blog because of the influence of the Neoconfederate Element within Christian Reconstruction and its influence on homeschoolers within its ranks. (For easier reading, a collection of posts about the Neoconfederate influence within this Christian subculture can be read HERE on the archive site. An index of all related posts concerning kinism and neoconfederates appears HERE.)

Essentially, kinism describes an ideology of “racialism” that some Christians believe to be a Biblical mandate prohibiting the mixing of races according to the Judaic Covenant – that which was taught as needful to establish Israel as a nation that was set apart for God. Some Christians who follow Covenant Theology believe that this mandate carries over into the Christian life. (For those who are new to this website or this subject, I find kinism to be repugnant and quite non-Christian.)

Many readers over the years have written to me with personal accounts and questions about the issues of race, Theonomy, and how it affected their subculture. I recall how Doug Phillips acted like people should take their shoes off to walk on the “holy ground” at RL Dabney's homestead. (The first section of this video discusses the influence of Theonomy on the homeschooling movement which sometimes differs little in appearance from the Kinder, K├╝che, Kirche campaign of the Third Reich.) And, of course, don't forget Wilson and Wilkins, the slavery apologists and plagiarists.

Young women have written to ask me questions about the veracity of the “claim” that slave wives homeschooled their children and kept their houses while their slave husbands labored. Much of this is claimed to be the basis of patriarchy's “Stay At Home Daughter” Movement. I've also heard about caucasian homeschooled children in “kinist country” (within the US) who performed plays in blackface, along with the group's special interest in waving around the “Stars and Bars” (the flag of the Confederate States during the “War of Northern Aggression” or the Civil War).

I would love for those “Second Generation Adult” readers who grew up in this movement to consider writing an article for the Homeschoolers Anonymous series about this element of their experience.

Read more about it HERE.