Friday, April 4, 2014

Celebrating 200 Signatures!

Midway through Thursday, April 3rd, the Freedom for Christian Women Coalition's petition (FreeCWC) demanding an apology from the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) exceeded 200 signatures. 

Thanks to all who have signed the petition and those who have helped to spread the word. The original signatories of the letter of demand turned petition believe that it is a bold first step that will work justice for abused and disenfranchised Christian women, particularly those within Evangelical circles.

  • The Associated Baptist Press News published a review of the petition and some information about its history on March 24th. We in the FreeCWC were pleasantly surprised to see a related March 26th article quoting the President of Christians for Biblical Equality's rationale for signing the petition.

    Addendum note:  This new article at ABP News notes that complementarians may have been offended by the petition and have issued a twelve-point statement defending complementarianism, the neologism created by CBMW to advance patriarchy.
    • Read Mimi Haddad's comment HERE, or go to the petition site and read all of the reasons why supporters chose to sign as well. Find them at the bottom left hand side of the webpage, just below the petition itself.
  • Cindy Foster who hosts Baptist Taliban and Beyond signed it and left the most encouraging rationale! She also supported the petition in social media as well. Cindy's blog's name bears the significance of the need for such an effort.

  • Church Survivors and Thomas Wheeler graciously supported the petition with their following on Facebook. The founder was a former member of the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement and understands the need for a petition quite acutely.

We are so honored by the support that writers and bloggers have lent to this effort. Thank you for taking the step of faith to stand with us. We rejoice and pray that all will be rewarded. Please pray that God gives the Counsel wisdom to heed the charge. The bWe Baptist Women for Equality recently published a must-read blog post asking God and the Church for the same, calling for CBMW's wisdom and humility through repentance and change.

Call to Join the Cause

Does this petition seem like a lost cause? There have been many such “lost causes” in the history of the Christian Faith, and I find this one no less important. Please lend your voice to this effort that is so much like young David who dared to challenge a family of giants with just five stones and a slingshot. We have a legion of powers and principalities over whom to triumph.

But consider the history of this effort. We started with just five women, and then, we branched out to many more eager supporters at the 2010 Seneca Falls II conference. At the time of this writing, we have grown to 207 voices. Will you join us and look forward with us to a grand total of at least 500?

Shirley Taylor drafted this petition, but it belongs to all those who have signed it, too. :)

Please consider joining in with these others to spread the word, and don't forget to sign!


For more information and documentation concerning CBMW's complementarian view, review the embedded links, visit CBMW (starting with their Danvers Statement position on gender), and download Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

For more information and documentation concerning the criticisms of CBMW, just start googling if you cannot find information on this blog or through recommended links (particularly those dealing with domestic abuse and women in ministry). I also recommend the following books as introductory ones that will help the reader understand the teachings pertaining to the issues that most concern me personally.