Monday, December 5, 2011

What is Biblical Chastisement?

[Edit 8Dec11 for Greek grammar!]
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Several people on this thread have challenged Pearl's definition of what constitutes a rod. The narrator of this podcast (at 4 min and 40 seconds into the recording) does a great review of Biblical discipline. She focuses on what Paul wrote about the word that the King James Version of the Bible translates into “chastisement.”

The Apostle Paul tells fathers to use the Athenian methods of training noble born sons, an education of the mind, using the word
-->paideia --> (which is related to the root paideuo in Koine Greek).  The term paideia is translated into the word “chasten” in Hebrews, the term which Pearl quotes during the program.
It is a nurturing process of training a child to have a great Christian mind through vigorous education, as this is the word used to describe this practice of the noble born in Athens at the time. It is not used in the culture of Paul's day to describe corporal punishment as Pearl interprets the word from the bias of the English translation only as described in a limited way in the KJV.

Jeri Massi who did this series of podcasts with the girls who were held at a home for girls within the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) churches who were subjected to aggressive discipline/abuse. (The Schatz Family who beat Lydia to death using Pearl's plumbing line, the couple that DA Ramsey prepared to prosecute, attended an IFB church.)