Friday, December 2, 2011

Keeping Up with Michael Pearl: Interview on Anderson (Cooper's) Talk Show TODAY (and Pearl's appearance on Dr. Drew And AC360 and in the NYT....)

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I don't know that people can appreciate how difficult I find this topic, and I suppose that I didn't really appreciate it myself until I started writing about it earlier this year.   Michael Pearl is scheduled to appear on Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show today.  If it's not too late, you can LINK HERE to figure out when it broadcasts in your area.
Scroll down to watch clips of the show.

Per a note on the No Greater Joy site, Pearl is scheduled to appear on NBC's Today Show (7AM - 11AM) on December 7th, unless he is bumped by a more pertinent news story. CBS cancelled an interview with Pearl earlier this year.

I made no mention here of other discussions of Pearl in the media recently including a New York Times article and a mention of him on ABC's The View.  I also did not mention that Pearl reappeared on AC360 for a direct interview in October and was also featured on CNN's Dr. Drew Show that same week.  I intended to write but didn't feel up to writing about it at the time (and don't really feel up to it now).  I am amazed at how much this topic just breaks my heart.

I found Pearl to be quite dishonest and quibbled over what I would classify as his own redefinition of terms (cultic techniques of loaded language and manipulative linguistic boobytraps) and a direct contradiction about things he's written in the past.  I hoped to go through the materials and write a critical review of the interview, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  Pearl worked hard to present the kinder, gentler version of his hard teachings.  (I can't really blame him, really.  He has much for which he must compensate.  I would do the same thing if I were in his shoes.  No one wants to be seen as a child abuser, especially when one is guilty of it.  It is a matter of consistency, that nasty hobgoblin.)

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To keep up with the latest discussions, I rely upon Hermana Linda's Why Not Train A Child? website, and I am grateful that she attends to this issue so well.  TulipGirl also faithfully keeps up with the issue, too, and has provided a an invaluable resource regarding this topic.  And Elizabeth Esther always offers thought provoking ideas on this issue, too.  (She appears on the Anderson Cooper episode with Pearl.)

In the past, I have also neglected to mention Scita>Scienda's  excellent, free, downloadable resource book about the Pearl Method entitled Parenting in the Name of God:  No Greater Joy Ministries and the Bible.

Update:  Apparently Blogger doesn't like it when you upload multiple clips from CNN in a single post, so you I have put each CNN clip and the corresponding transcript in a separate blog post to which you can link from here.
August CNN Reports on Lydia Schatz and interview with Pearl in Tennessee:
Click here to read the entire series on the archive.

Also of interest:
Hermana Linda posted video clips uploaded by VHSScott on her Why Not Train a Child? Website. Thanks to them both.

(I'd like to take the opportunity to say again that I love Mike Ramsey, the Butte County, DA.)

And the discussion of Pearl when discussed on the View....