Friday, December 2, 2011

CNN's Anderson Cooper's Interview with Michael Pearl (Part II: August 2011)

Link to the Transcript of Part II at CNN.
(The video does not include all of the relevant content.)

COOPER: Gary, how popular is the Pearl's book?

TUCHMAN: The Pearls are very influential in fundamentalist circles over the last 17 years since the book's been out. It sold more than 650,000 copies around the world. So you know they have a lot of influence.

What's really important to note though, Anderson, is neither of the Pearls have any educational background in child development. They say this is just biblical common sense.

COOPER: Do they have children of their own? Were those kids raised using what they call the spanking to cause pain method?

TUCHMAN: They have five children, 19 grandchildren. They say all five of their children raised this way. They say they're all good kids. As a matter of fact, the five children work for the parents.

But I can tell you, every day in the United States you have children entering emergency rooms because they've been pummeled by their parents. It's impossible to know how many are pummeled in the name of religion, but we do know that's what happened to Lidia.

COOPER: It is such a shocking and disturbing story. Gary, appreciate you bringing it to light. Thanks.

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