Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Index to the Posts Contrasting "The Jewish Way In Love and Marriage" with the Pagan Patriocentric Talmud

Summary of the blog posts that contrast the patriocentric teachtings of Vision Forum with Orthodox Rabbi Maurice Lamm's book,
"The Jewish Way in Love and Marriage."

Comparing Patriocentricity with "The Jewish Way In Love and Marriage" (Examining the writings of Rabbi Maurice Lamm about Orthodox Judaism’s teachings as contrasted against the teachings of patriocentricity)

Who is Woman, and Who is She In Marriage?

The Creation of Eve (Women are not viewed as the indirect or derivative Image of God in Judaism)

The Role and Value of "Ishah" in Marriage (Discussing the issue of barren wombs and how the value of woman is not diminished in Judaism)

Woman Retains Her Individuality While Profoundly Blending Her Personality With Her Husband's (Women do not cease to retain their personhood in Judaism, quite contrary to ideas propagated in Presbyterian writings in the US Confederacy in the 1800s)

Marriage Is Sanctified From Concubinage Through the Law (Examines the origins of marriage as protected by the law, establishing marriage as an institution through the law, not something that imparts holiness to those who enter into marriage)
Daughters and Courtship
Acquisition of a Wife (It is not a responsibility of a father to obtain a husband for his daughter according to Jewish law, and underage daughters must consent to marriage if this is required of them)

A Daughter is "Ownerless" Until Married and Not the Property of Her Father (Jewish law describes daughters as “ownerless” until they are married and are not property; mentions Numbers 30 teachings of Vision Forum )

Acquisition Of A Wife Is Not Ownership (Rabbi Lamm states that this concept is repugnant to Judaism)

How the Letter and the Spirit of Jewish Law Deny that Women are Property (Marriage establishes a women as “set apart for one man” from a prior status of “available to all men” for marriage without any distinction of ownership)

A Woman's Full Autonomy In The Betrothal Process (Jewish tradition requires and preserves mutual consent and autonomy regarding selection of a husband)

(Quoting from “Chattel or Person? The Status of Women in the Mishnah”)
Personal Rights, Autonomy and Accountability of Wives

A Woman's Independence and Marital Rights (Women are never to be considered property and are not the servants of their husbands or fathers)

A Woman's Right to Work!!! (Women are permitted to work and retain their own money if they adequately provide for their families)

Sex As A Married Wife's Right and A Husband's Duty (The Talmud and Mishnah state that the wife is the party who controls the door to the marriage chamber, requires that man fulfill her desires, but no such provision is made for the husband)

Sensitive Appreciation of the Sexual Union (More discussion of the mutual love, respect and cooperation required for sexual union)

Consequences of a Husband Compelling His Wife Into Intimacy Against Her Desire (Even the Talumd considered this to be a great moral evil, an act of fornication or “domestic rape” )
Men are not Intercessory Priests for their Wives

A Man Does Not Answer For The Sins Of His Wife: She Is Her Own Moral Agent and Her Own Possession (Even in medieval times, Judaism did not consider women to be legal property and a husband did not bear moral responsibility for his wife’s sins)

Christ As Our Sanctification: The Meaning of Ephesians 5:22 - 32 (Men are not spiritual intercessors for their wives and daughters)