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Revised and updated, September 2010
Because so many earnest Christians still remain ignorant of the phenomenon of cultic social practices within Biblical Christianity, I hope to educate and hopefully spare others the pain and tragedy that I have endured. Most Christians have no knowledge of the techniques of thought reform and psychological manipulation employed by legalistic Christian groups, so this site purposes to inform as many people as possible of the cultic nature of these otherwise Christian schools of thought.

I am a survivor of many years of Spiritual Abuse at the hands of the remnants of an aberrant Evangelical Christian group with ties to Charles Simpson of Christian Growth Ministries (a disbanded groups of Charismatic who fostered the movement in the early 1970's). Although the philosophy of the group
was recounted and renounced (the most famous participant of whom was Derek Prince), many churches who ascribed to their focus on "authority and submission doctrine" continued in this false teaching. My group, of the New Covenant Churches in the DC/Baltimore corridor was also strongly affiliated with the ministry of Bill Gothard, another false teacher who focused on submission and patriarchy within the home and church. Prior to my involvement with the New Covenant Churches in Maryland, I was predisposed to manipulation by cultic tendencies in the Pentecostal and Word of Faith movements. It was an easy transition into what I later learned was called the Shepherding/Discipleship Movement.

Of special interest to me is the increased interest and acceptance of "Family Integrated Churches" which promote the traditional idea of family as central to the restoration of Christianity within Western Civilization. I am deeply disturbed by this trend because groups such as Vision Forum headed by Doug Phillips promote the family but with rigid, legalistic standards of acceptable conduct. These extra-biblical standards are dangerous in my opinion but are marketed and widely accepted by many unsuspecting Christians as Biblically sound and orthodox.

The tactics and practices used and promoted by Doug Phillips via the Vision Forum vehicle correspond to cultic practice and thus create a hegemonic and neo-gnostic belief system. Because of the strong focus on their own version of patriarchy ("patriocentricity" as some have named it to distinguish it from legitimate patriarchy), it is the opinion of many that the sequela of this system present a very real danger to women. Having attended a local Orthodox Presbyterian Church in San Antonio with Doug Phillips and his followers prior to the founding of his own church and through my long history of participation with Howard Phillips' Tax Payers/Constitution Party, I draw upon a unique history that includes both the roots of Christian Reconstruction and the ideological predecessor of submission doctrine to address what is now known as the so-called "Biblical patriarchy" movement.

May we all pray fervently for this false teaching within Biblical Christianity to finally cease, for all teachers to make themselves accountable to the larger body of Christ and for all such abuses within Christendom cease. May each believer do all that God bids them to speak and act against spiritual abuse, legalism and blasphemy of God's Word. May the church recognize the difference between true unity through love for the brethren, distinguishing it from uniformity through legalism. May we all become one as Jesus prayed in Gethsemane, but may it not be via the means of thought reform and coercive manipulation.

Link HERE to read more about my spiritual abuse experience and Link HERE to read about why I personally identify and support "Quivering Daughters," the daughters of the Quiverfull Movement and patriarchy.

Cynthia Mullen Kunsman is a nurse with thirty years of experience including a strong clinical teaching background and credentials in naturopathy. Though guided through recovery by the sound Christian instruction she received as a child which her seminary studies reinforced, she identifies as a Second Generation Adult because of the Word of Faith influence imposed by her family.  As part of her transition into a healthy faith, she and her husband sought exit counseling together after walking away from a four-year involvement in a Shepherding Discipleship group.  She primarily writes about recovery from abuse within high demand Christian homeschooling and the 'Quiverfull Movement' at Under Much Grace and Redeeming Dinah. While participating in Christian counter-cult education and contributing to books including the landmark work, Quviering Daughters, she also serves in an advisory capacity for several cult recovery efforts including the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network at Patheos.com.

Note:  I like to use aurora borealis images as a reminder that God can bring us light and beauty in the dark of night.  Many refer to the expression of St. John of the Cross to describe their spiritual abuse experience as their "dark night of the soul."  On the recovery side of spiritual abuse, I believe that the truth that the darkness reveals to us is inspiring and liberating, much like miracle and beauty of the northern lights.