Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Affects of Stress on the Body and "Multigenerational Faithfulness" in Quiverfull Families

During the interim while waiting on the continued discussion of Cynthia Jeub's blog posts about the inconsistencies she experienced in her TLC celebrity family, enjoy a graphic about how stress affects the body.
Let it be another good motivator to work through the negative and costly aspects of true "multigenerational faithfulness."  It might be better termed "parental convenience" for which adult children raised in the high demand system pay a terribly high price.

Idealization often occurs in families that are very religious, especially in those kinds of religious homes that draw very strict boundaries to define acceptable and unacceptable attitudes and behaviors.
The high value that is placed on family, and on respect for parents, makes it almost impossible for children to integrate their parents’ failings and weaknesses... 
Adult children who have practiced this degree of splitting and idealization tend to be driven by fear. 
Dr. David Stoop

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(and thanks to Healthline!)
The Effects of Stress on the Body