Friday, April 20, 2012

INTP in Pictures and Prose

I needed a break for some whimsy.

Elizabeth Esther recently posted her personality type in (de)motivational pictures, and I couldn't resist, especially since I'm the type that loves types. It's a great post, if you're into that sort of thing.

I don't know that anyone cares, but I thought I'd take a momentary break in seriousness to express myself in a similar way. Keirsey calls Elizabeth's ENFP type The Idealist Champion, though some call her The Advocate. Mostly, I'm not anything like that. :) We both have that intuitive thing going on, but we use it so differently – though our types tend to appreciate each other. We both love novelty, finding it to be a fascinating thing to be celebrated. That makes us not so well suited to cookie cutter systems, lucky (a.k.a. “providential”) for us both...

For me, it's all about understanding, analysis, and clarity of truth, sometimes to a fault because I'm so introverted. Keirsey dubbed my type The Rationalist Architect, a rare type anyway (2 – 5%), especially among women (1%).  I think that the gender incompatibility element became a great blessing for me, too, as I think it made it virtually impossible for me to stay comfortably within any Evangelical spiritually abusive system.
 And the dominionist, neoconfederate, patriarchy folks should really hate me, as I'm the same type as "godless" Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, and Darwin and Ayn Rand. (Though I might get points for Pascal. Hee, hee, hee!  They probably don't like him, either.)  Late note:  Ooops!  I married Ayn Rand's type, but I'm in the same quadrant with her politically.

And here's the serious part, because you knew that I'd have to include one (as a type thing):  
There is some evidence from Flavil Yeakley, worthy of further investigation, that suggests that high demand groups prefer ESFJs and force followers into transition into that specific type.  (They reverted to the type of the group leader.)

I find it notable that I'm the complete opposite of this type. I'd need a lobotomy to remain in their system, perhaps proof as to why I'm considered to be so evil among them, especially while I tried to be a part of the system. I'm glad that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made and couldn't make myself fit.

Unlike Elizabeth, I couldn't just post the pictures (many of which I found here).  
It's type thing.


I've actually done this on dates IRL.  Obliviously, on many dates, but the guy I married loved it.




In Love
I'm sadly like Data...

Well matched for the Mastermind
the "presidential temperament," my better half.

The man actually did this with the Highty Tighties, marching the band into a "pipe" formation when they played the Liberty Bell March to pay homage to Monty Python's Flying Circus.  I actually found this beyond attractive, just hearing about it, years after the fact.  And also because he got into trouble for it.   :)                                                                                                             
Alternate title should be "How geek scientists in college impress girls."

I'm amused, and the rest of you are probably all bored to tears because it's likely more than you ever wanted to know.  That's okay.  I don't take it personally.  :)  I enjoyed it.

Have a great weekend.