Friday, March 2, 2012

Helping Mothers in Need in Family Court

The Protective Mother's Alliance International (PMA) has begun a new initiative called Mothers Occupy on Facebook and is looking for new participants.

I had an opportunity to hear Janice Levinson speak about PMA a couple of years ago and wept through her presentation, recalling how my former church pastors and leaders worked against an innocent mother to see her children placed with an unstable and abusive father. It was the assumption of the church under complementarianism that women under hierarchy are always at fault for conflict, so it was their decision and felt it was their duty to support men in any kind of marital conflict. That included separating and alienating children from their mothers. I've also dealt with these trends within the court system in my professional work, and I am sad to acknowledge these trends. Prejudice against mothers within the family court system all over the world is on the rise.

Here are a few snippets about PMA from the email I recently received from Janice Levinson who serves as the director and cofounder:
223 Children per day Monday through Friday are sent to live with their abuser parent or are sent to unsupervised visits with their abuser parent. Protective parents who have tried to protect their precious children from abuse  have found themselves in the following various situations including but not limited to family courts ordering
  • gag orders
  • supervised visits
  • reduced visitation time for the protective parent
  • custody switches giving the abuser parent full custody
  • labeling the protective parent various unsubstantiated psychological labels as a direct result of normal protective actions taken by the protective parent
  • and so much more.
Some of this abuse is sexual and the children are left in the care of their sexual predator parent. The trauma endured by the children ripped away from their loving parent and sent to live with their abuser parent creates  long term damage.

Protective Mothers Alliance International is a world wide organization consisting of protective mothers currently in this family court nightmare.We are co - founded by Lundy Bancroft author of Why Does He Do That? Inside The Minds of Angry and Controlling Men among many other books on this topic. Lundy is also a training expert and international speaker on this issue and the issue of DV and family court. He has also served as an expert witness in many family court cases.
If this topic is one that is of interest to you, please consider taking a look at their new effort on Facebook called “Mothers Occupy” and to also consider getting involved as an agent of positive change within this growing, worldwide problem. PMA hosts a weekly call in radio program and offers help to mothers who work to protect their children from abuse within troubled families. Read more about them on their website and listen to Janice present a bit more about PMA at Seneca Falls II.

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