Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Consecutive Clips of the Entire Anderson (Cooper) Show Featuring Michael Pearl on December 2, 2011

Hermana Linda posted video clips uploaded by VHSScott on her Why Not Train a Child? Website. Thanks to them both.

(I'd like to take the opportunity to say again that I love Mike Ramsey, the Butte County, DA.)

January 2013:  It appears that the videos have been removed from YouTube and their account has been deleted, but I will leave them active here, just the same.  Perhaps they were deleted because of a copyright issue.  ?  This info with the embedded links was copied from Hermana Linda's original post.

Part 1
 in which Michael Pearl is interviewed and Elizabeth Esther arrives and explains why his teachings are wrong.
Part 2 in which Michael Pearl explains more of his teachings and the audience responds.
Part 3 in which D.A. in the Schatz case, Mike Ramsey, explains why he believes Michael Pearl’s teachings are dangerous.
Part 4 in which Mike & Trisha Fox say that they use Pearl’s teachings, (but not the rod)  and the audience responses some more.

Please link here to read the entire series on the archive.
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