Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Listen to Blog Talk Radio to Win a Copy of Meg Moseley's “When Sparrows Fall”

I've decided that every so often, I will raffle off a book or two to those people who send me an email with an appropriate answer to the mystery question of interest or other stated response.

How It Works

This time around, I'll collect responses until May 3rd (the day that Meg Moseley's book officially launches), and from the best responses, I'll have my husband or maybe one of my cats select two names at random.

To whomever gets selected, I'll send a copy of Meg's new book, When Sparrow's Fall.   Read my review of the book HERE.   So send me your name, address, and your response to the email address listed in the picture below, and I'll send off a book to you. (I'll delete/destroy the contact info after the raffle! I just want to have it for the sake of expediency.)

Also let me know if you'd like me to post your response here at after the raffle.

Mystery Question to win When Sparrows Fall

Just after the description of the Milgram Experiment, Jocelyn Andersen states “They started with a small first step.” She also “brings in a concept” and makes a statement about how the implications of the Milgram Experiment apply to complementarianism as well as the Schatz Family and those who follow Michael Pearl.

To win Meg's new book, send me a note (as brief or as long as you want it to be) that explains your basic understanding of what Jocelyn is saying (near the end of the episode) when she starts talking about the “first small step.” Based on her statement, briefly summarize your understanding of how the Milgram Experiment applies to Christians, and how we get involved in trends, fads or even dangerous practices.

If you feel funny about writing, I will accept the answer to a secondary mystery question! If you can list at least three book authors mentioned during the show and the names of the books they wrote, I'll also throw your name in the hat. Hint: We mentioned these authors by name, but we didn't necessarily mention the books they wrote. You may have to do some google-ing or surfing on Amazon to figure it out.

Listen to the Episode:

Listen to internet radio with jocelyn andersen on Blog Talk Radio

Remember to include:
  • A Mailing Address for the book if you win
  • Your response about Jocelyn's statement about the “small first step”
  • Your alternate response of the list of authors and the names of their books
  • Whether or not you'd like to see your response posted here on

Check back after May 3rd to see who won!

Upcoming books to win in raffles to come later this year: