Thursday, July 15, 2010

More About Seneca Falls 2

Seneca Falls 2 Evangelical Women's Rights Convention will commence in Orlando, Florida on Saturday July 24th, just a few days after the 162nd anniversary of the very first women's rights convention that was held in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848. Four of the five organizers of the original Seneca Falls Conference were Christians and the conference was hosted at a Methodist Church. Contrary to what others might tell you, this effort to promote women’s rights was a predominantly Christian-led event.  The July 24th conference will carry on the work of the Christian women and men at the first Seneca Falls Convention, hence the name, Seneca Falls 2.

The SF2 Convention will launch a Declaration of Sentiments, a new Coalition, and a new Publication aimed at equipping the Church to confront the gender-based caste system within so many -- too many -- Christian communities.

Featured speakers include:

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Kate Johnson of the Christian Coalition Against Domestic Abuse will also be in attendance.  Kate is author of Healing the Broken Places: For Christian Women Healing From Domestic Abuse, available for purchase through CCADA.  Regretfully, Barbara Robers, author of Not Under Bondage:  Biblical Divorce for Abuse, Adultery, and Desertion, could not make it in from Down Under but hopes to attend SF3.

Hope to see you there!