Tuesday, March 24, 2009

George Simon on the Characteristics of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Excerpts from

By George K. Simon, Jr, PhD

Disordered Character Personalities

Character-disordered personalities lack self-restraint when it comes to acting upon their primal urges. They’re not bothered enough by what they do and have too little conscience, unlike neurotics who also have difficulty with self restraint. (Pg 18)

Aggressive Personalities

Those who take charge of getting their needs met and resist depending on the supports of others who consist of two types: One able to conform his conduct well enough to function in society and the other unable to abide by the rule of law. (Based upon the writings of Theodore Milton). (Pg 24)

Covert-Aggressive Personality

Covert-aggressives have many unique attributes that make them a truly distinct type of aggressive personality, primarily by the way they fight. They fight for what they want and seek power over others in subtle, cunning and underhanded ways. They deceive themselves about their true character and their covertly-aggressive conduct. To the degree that they are character disordered, the more they actively attempt to deceive only their intended victims. Some personality theorists have proposed that the cardinal quality of the covert-aggressive or the manipulative personality is that they derive an inordinate sense of exhilaration from pulling the wool over the eyes of their victims. (Pp. 27-29)

These are their major attributes:
  • Want to have their way or “win”
  • Seek power and dominance over others, wanting to always be one-up and in control.
  • Deceptively civil, charming and seductive; They know how to “look good” and how to win you over by “melting” your resistance
  • Unscrupulous, underhanded and vindictive fighters; capitalize on weaknesses and will intensify aggression if they sense you are faltering
  • Uniquely impaired consciences
  • Abusive and exploitive in interpersonal relations