Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thoughts for the Day

Quotes from Around the Web This Week

1. Confronting Deception

"Truth is an absolute defense against charges of libel and slander."

2. Men of Honor

(Imagine this in Liam Neeson's Irish brogue)

"Honor is what no man can give you, nor can he take it away. Honor is a gift a man gives to himself"
("Rob Roy" quoted by Sandlin)

3. Racism and Elitism in Religion

"They were products of their evil systems and they LIKED the system and defended it. Dabney with slavery and Calvin with the state church. The system provided for them both some power and superiority over others."

4. The Best Inheritance

"Seek to pass along spiritual truths, especially as found in God’s Word, testimonies of His goodness and grace to us, poured out way beyond measure. In so doing you will be storing up eternal treasures for yourself and will be giving your children an inheritance that cannot be taken from them."

5. Confronting So-called "Biblical Manhood" Confirmation Bias

"I think that it is time that we stop the abuse of Eve that is done in the name of God. I think that we should name it for what it really is - unbiblical male domination disguised as biblical manhood."

6. Understanding "The Church"
"[W]e have to make sure we do not believe and practice a lot of things that grow out of a totally wrong view of the ekklesia, or the 'called out ones.'"

7. On Paradigms

"But anytime you do something in reaction TO something, there’s the danger of going in an opposite extreme. And I think that’s what’s happened with SGM’s [Sovereign Grace Ministries] “question (and reinvent) everything cultural” mentality. By trying to “get back to the New Testament church” and base everything they do on the Bible, they ended up squeezing methods and attitudes out of the Bible through extrapolation that the Bible never actually spells out."

8. God Creatively And Ironically Transforms Us

"As the wicked are hurt by the best things, so are the godly bettered by the worst things."