Monday, October 27, 2008

Imams and the Evangelical Submission Doctrine Not All That Different

Listening to the BBC Global News Podcast this morning, I could not help but think of the doctrine of submission that I heard in the Bill Gothard-influenced church I attended for four years and left more than a decade ago. I wish that this mentality was just an odd thing of the past, but this put me in mind of so many women that attended this church as well as Bruce Ware's pitiful excuse for domestic violence and abuse of women, blaming all episodes of abuse on women's lack of submission.

In this post from last week, the former Jehovah's Witness and counselor spoke of how the sins of men somehow always fell to the women scapegoats as the convenient source of blame. I'm reminded of the pastor's wife who told my friend to endure her husband's sins with "ooey gooey love" so that her love could cover a multitude of his sins (for which he refused to repent or control). And I am reminded of all of my dear sisters in the faith who attended the True Woman Conference (note comments section) who were admonished to submit to, surrender unto and suffer under all male leadership as unto the Lord. (In my understanding, submission to abuse of any type differs substantially from accepting one circumstances as God's grace as necessary to conform us to Christ's image -- the miracle that exploits for good what was intended for evil.) I wonder if these women would be encouraged to endure physical abuse after an example that Dr. Paige Patterson holds up as a virtue?

I invite you to listen to this BBC Podcast, taking note of the story that begins at about 19 minutes into the podcast (about half way through the podcast per the Quicktime player on my PC).

My husband also listened to this podcast and sent me the following email, still deeply grieved over the many women with whom we had close fellowship at our former church. So many women were told to submit to physical violence when those women sought the intervention of our respected church elders. The husbands were never disciplined and were supported, and the woman was blamed for sin as the source of marital discord, like the helpless Old Testament scapegoats that were sent out, abandoned and alone, into the wilderness.

From my husband's email:
"Imams in Britain are failing the vulnerable who turn to them for protection."

Substitute "ersatz reformed Baptist Leaders" for "Imam." Just another example of how these "men" treat women & abuse of women exactly as Islam does.

How I imagine that
the Lion of Judah weeps!

I know that my husband and I still do.