Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What is a cult?

From "Rise of the Cults"

a sermon by Dr. Walter Martin, Lee College Chapel, January 1979
(hosted by the Spiritwatch Ministries website)

What is a cult?

  • A group of people polarized arounds somebody’s interpretation of the Bible.
  • They always claim to be harmonious with the Christian faith.
  • And they always deny the central doctrine of the Christian faith: That Jesus Christ is nothing less than God himself in human flesh...

78% of people that are in the cults today came out of the Church.

Jesus said in Matthew 24 that the end times would be hallmarked by the rise of many false teachers. He also mentions earthquakes and wars, etc., but he emphasizes false teachers and prophets who look will look, sound and act just like the genuine article.


And people wonder why I am so personally concerned about why notable professors in the SBC preach that Jesus -- God -- has less authority than God????? Well, let me rephrase that. Supposedly that means something different than saying that the Father has ultimate or supreme authority over the Son (a quality that the Son does not have, to the point of not being able to hear and answer prayer without a special dispensation from the Father). Gotta support that gender hierarchy!

I would like to hear all of the patriocentrists and all of those who ascribe to hierarchalism explain all of their beliefs about the Trinity specifically. But considering that the concept of eternal hierarchalism in the Godhead has been published in one of the most popular, contemporary Systematic Theology texts used today, I guess that we can expect as much.