Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Patriarchal Obsession With Sex

I'm amazed to read this new column by Keith Herron on the Ethics Daily website this morning, as it echos so many private discussions that I've had with so many people concerning the patriocentric movement. Though I am not a fan of Richard Foster at all, I believe he makes a good point that there are three three central problems with abusers, particularly these spiritual abusive ministers in the Evangelical Church: money, sex and power. In the patriocentric movement, we readily see the power and money motive and related scandals. We have not yet heard all the reports about this movement, however. At present, we only hear whispers about them. But the sex motive is there, if only in the form of preoccupation with sex in the form of gender roles.

Keith Herron writes in "The Strange Sexual Obsessions at Southern Seminary":

Back to the latest weirdness at hand ... this past Friday, a report was carried on of a sermon preached recently by Bruce Ware, professor of Christian theology, at the Denton Bible Church pronouncing that women bring physical abuse by their husbands upon themselves by their desire to have their own way rather than submitting to the authority of their husbands.

There's only the thinnest of blame offered to women who suffer brutality at the hands of their abusive husbands, which he claims is linked to Eve's sin of rebellion in the Garden of Eden. Men whose wives demonstrate such rebellion often act in one of two ways, claims Professor Ware. They react either in strength and beat their wives, or they acquiesce and become weak male partners with their domineering wives.

Perhaps warning signs should be posted at the entrance of the seminary: "Warning! Sexual Obsessions Abound Here ... Enter at Your Own Peril!"