Thursday, April 10, 2008

Patriarchy Lecture Part IV of VII

“The Development and Practice for Patriarchy:
Cure for Cultural Decline or
New Gnostic Disease”
presented by Cynthia Kunsman, RN, BSN, MMin, ND
Part IV of VII
Video by Raphael Martinez of Spiritwatch Ministries
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From Palmer’s book on family (Pg 102-103):

“This subordination is, in each case, expressed by a different word; the wife submits, the child obeys… The woman, by the law of marriage, is reintegrated into the man, from whose side she was originally drawn. She never exists afterward as an independent person. By her voluntary act she is merged, civilly and legally, into the man. With her office in the household perfectly defined, her status in the same is determined by her relation to her husband. All her privileges and rights flow from her association to her head. It is demanded of her, therefore, a blending of the will, which shall, so to speak, make the two organically one. There must be, on her part, a cleaving to him, which shall, in some sort, mingle together their distinct personalities.”

From Doug Wilson’s book, “Mother Kirk” (pg 246):
“We must remember the antithesis. Scripture always remembers that deep chasm between those seeking to honor God and those who hate him. But this has not been a part of contemporary pro-life rhetoric.

The unbelievers are destroying themselves in a frenzy of child-murder and fruitless sodomy. Let them go. These are hard words. But Christians must learn to say them. Paul taught us that the children of God-haters are “foul” or “unclean” (I Cor 7:14). We must come to the day when the Christian can truly rebuke those who are “without natural affection” and say – “The ancient psalmist blessed the one who would take little ones of those who hate God and dash them on the rock (Ps 137:9). We see by your pro-abortion position that you clearly agree with this kind of treatment. And we in the Church, in a way you cannot truly comprehend, are now prepared to say amen.”