Friday, April 25, 2008

Militant Fecundity in the Southern Baptist Convention?

An acquaintance of mine recently contacted the unnamed apologetics organization that issued a recent disclaimer about my presentation, asking why their comment was so vague. Apparently, I was expected to speak only about the individuals within the formal so-called "Biblical patriarchy" movement, and that my citation of a few Southern Baptist seminary professors who hold to these same views as an influence on the patriarchy movement was "misinformed, unwarranted and faulty." Actually, they called my statements "accusations." (I was quoting the professors and other authors who critique them, so I fail to see how such amounts to an accusation.)

How interesting I found today's headline article on Apparently, the concepts that Vision Forum has affectionately termed "militant fecundity" also permeates the worldviews of the SBC seminary presidents like Al Mohler and Paige Patterson. I've also been told by several people in the blogosphere that I essentially did not go far enough and actually understated the significance of the patriocentric ideals within Southern Baptist circles. Bob Allen mentions facts about and statements of several notable Southern Baptist leaders in today's Ethics Daily article, facts that are all news to me.
From Bob Allen's "Southern Baptist Leaders'
That notion also sounds familiar to regular readers of In 2005 we told the story of Baptists who subscribe to a "full-quiver" theology that leaves decisions about family planning up to God.

Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said married couples who choose to remain childless are guilty of "moral rebellion" against God's design. Mohler later said one of his concerns was under-population.

"We are barely replenishing ourselves," Mohler told the Chicago Tribune. "That is going to cause huge social problems in the future."

Russell Moore, theology dean at Southern Seminary, said Southern Baptists need to increase their birth rate if they are going to keep up with growing denominations like Mormons and the Church of God...

The Fundamentalist Baptist Bible Fellowship denounced the Family Integrated Church as "doctrinally errant and schismatic." Southern Seminary, meanwhile, adopted it as a new model for its School of Leadership and Church Ministry.

"We think this is the direction that our churches really need and want and there is a great vacuum in evangelical theological education for such a program," Mohler said
in describing newly hired Dean Randy Stinson's family-integrated ministry emphasis.
.Can someone tell me just exactly what it was that I included in that workshop that was an accusation, let alone what was "unwarranted, misinformed or faulty" ?