Monday, February 25, 2008

Theology and Experience

Number 274

pg 4:

The Fruit of Biblical Theology

"The old paradigm taught that if you had the right teaching, you will experience God. The new paradigm says that if you experience God, you will have the right teaching. This may be disturbing to many who assume propositional truth must always preceed and dictate religious experience. That mindset is the product of systematic theology and has much to contribute... However, biblical theology looks to the Bible for a pattern of experience followed by proposition" (Leith Andersen, "A Church for the 21st Century").

Like the Biblical Theology movement, the "Emerging Church" movement is based on the irrational and Antichristian notion that event/experience/history someohow precede propostitional truth/theology.

The Bible alone is the Word of God.
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