Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Makes for a Great Con Artist?

.Yet Another Excerpt from

What’s the Difference
Between a Good Con Artist
and a Great One?

Some people believe that all con artists have blatant, hard-sell, overtly sleazy personalities. That they have scarred faces, beady eyes, and flashy clothes. This is a misconception. There are no visual cues to tip a good con artist’s hand. Each time I’ve been asked to pull cons for the camera, I have been surprised at the feedback from my victims after I’ve revealed who I really am. “But you looked so nice,” they say. Or, “You didn’t look like a con artist.” That’s just the point: no con artist looks like a con artist.
.Good con artists never seem to get caught. But the outstanding con artists are so good that their scams are rarely even reported. Some swindlers pull off such perfect con jobs that their victims don’t even realize that they’ve been scammed.