Saturday, January 26, 2008

Paranoia in a Spiritual Abuser

From the "Master Manipulator" section in
"Captive Hearts, Captive Minds":

Paranoia may be evident in simple or elaborate delusions of persecution. Highly suspicious, they may feel conspired against, spied upon or cheated, or maligned by a person, group or governmental agency. Any real or suspected unfavorable reaction may be interpreted as a deliberate attack upon them or the group. (Considering the criminal nature of some groups and the antisocial behavior of others, some of these fears may have more of a basis in reality than in delusion!)

Harder to evaluate of course, is whether these leaders' belief in their... connection to God (or whatever higher power or belief system they are espousing) is delusional or simply pare of the con. Megalomania -- the belief that one is able or entitled to rule in the world -- is equally hard to evaluate without psychological testing of the individual, although numerous... leaders state quite readily that their goal is to rule the world. In any case, beneath the surface gloss of intelligence, charm and professed humility seethes an inner world of rage, depression and fear.

Tobias and  Lalich