Friday, November 16, 2007

Other Denominations Sliding into Patriarchy?

A comment from a blog:

It started out with woman cannot preach, then women cannot teach men, ok…people can accept that but then it starts sliding toward woman cannot be in positions where they have men reporting to them. It also includes a lot of teaching that revolves around women’s roles not only in church but society and family that are detailed to the point of lacking grace. It puts them in a place of judging women not based on the fruit of their spirit but on their societal roles and how well they stay in that box.

It is to the point where a professor teaching the Hebrew language at SWBTS was fired because she was teaching men in her class! The new president decided that was not right AFTER he told her the job was safe upon his inaugeration. So, the president had to sin to follow scripture? This woman had a very sick husband and was left with no health insurance and no job!
It becomes a checklist. Much like Islam is a check list religion. But it always evolves into legalism because no one can say, well, this is the exact cut off age where women can teach boys/men. Or, is explaining how to run this computer program in the church office teaching men?

I believe the whole problem is based on a misunderstanding of Biblical authority in the NT. Jesus turned everything on it’s head with servanthood, humility, the first will be last, etc. He was the opposite of the authority of the Pharisees. And they hated Him for it.