SASB Network

The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network is a project of Vyckie Garrison and the guest writers at No Longer Quivering.  It has been an honor to blog along side these fellow survivors and an honor to have some of my work featured there.  

(I'm especially grateful for the attention Vyckie drew to the miserable teaching that life-saving surgery for a tubal pregnancy to save the life of the mother amounted to murder.  You can read more about that soap box topic HERE and at NLQ.)

From the NLQ blog at Patheos:
Through cross-promotion and collaboration, the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network is a powerful way of supporting and promoting spiritual abuse survivors in our individual blogging efforts.  We are working together toward a shared goal of increasing awareness of this issue of spiritual abuse – the control, the confusion, the devastation, our struggles, our triumphs, our survival and recovery. 
Rather than being territorial and sectarian (as was the modus operandi of the abusive religious groups from which we have escaped), the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network employs the proven, non-abusive strategy of teamwork to gain more visibility for all the individual survivor blogs – in this manner, we make more of a collective impact on Google’s radar so that the search engines direct more people to read about this issue of spiritual abuse. 
Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of spiritual abuse survivors starting their own blogs - so many awesome, enthusiastic writers who deserve a significant platform! The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network is committed to helping these survivors succeed.