Monday, April 27, 2020

Perhaps a Clearer Message for Jill Rodrigues

I hope that, somehow, this message makes its way to you.

I know that people love you and I am grateful that people show you their love for you tangibly.  I am grateful for that family that shared food with you so that you can provide for your children.  I take no pleasure in the idea that your needs are not met.

I saw this video today after considering again that disagreement about the details does not mean hate. It really is the hard work of seeing the world as it is and learning compassion and mercy from the compassion and mercy that we are shown.  We learn it when others model it for us.

My tenure in hard-edged Christian fundamentalism lacked mercy for others, and I see so much of that harshness in the culture that you occupy -- for all of the right reasons.  I know how cutting and painful that can be.

All of that said, I also extend this message to you, too.  No matter the tension between us, the ground is all level at the foot of the Cross.   There is no hatred or a sense of being better than another there.