Saturday, July 8, 2017

School Supplies and Shoes for Short Creek

Please note the previous post for information about who administrates this effort and links to what the Operation Short Creek is all about. (

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Many children and teens in Short Creek have pathetically worn out shoes to which these pictures can attest. While you're out getting school supply bargains at these stores with a basic “how to” list on what to pick up, maybe you can find some shoes for the children in need.

I know virtually nothing about where and how to get shoe deals for kids and don't have any from whom to pilfer. So please help me out!

Seeking tennis shoes or flat sandals
Children's size 12 & up
Adult sizes 3 – 8
Used shoes are very much welcomed!!!

1.) If you're an Amazon Prime Member, you can already get in on some good deals now.
2.) If you're not a prime member, sign up for a trial membership for one month and then cancel it before you're charged for it -- just to get in on the good bargains and wild discounts on July 10th. If you're a student, you can get a free trial for six months.
3.) If you use Ebates, you can also get 3% back on select purchases that you make by using their portal to link to Amazon. The list changes frequently. (Shoes just dropped off the list!) Learn more about Ebates here:
4.) You can also apply for an Amazon credit card, get a free gift card for a up to $70, and rack up 5% cash back on your purchases. (You get approval in under five minutes when you apply online and can use the credit line right away.)
5.) Deals for boys:

6.) Deals for girls:

7,) And Amazon will deliver directly to the post office. Many retailers will only ship to a street address.

Please consider sending both old children's shoes, new ones, or go on a wild trip to a local thrift store and load up on gently worn shoes for kids of all ages.

Operation Short Creek
P.O. Box 840848
Hildale, Utah 84784

Learn more about the needs here:

Thank you for your generous, kind support which has been of great comfort to those whose lives have been so drastically changed by the trauma of eviction. A decent pair of shoes would be a constant reminder that there are still good people in this world who care about those in need.


STAPLES OFFICE SUPPLY – Back to School Sales
  1. The best deals are in the store this week vs online. (Staples does not ship to P.O. Boxes, so you would have to box in store purchased items yourself for shipping to Operation Short Creek, P.O. Box 840848, Hildale, Utah 84784.)
  2. If you sign up for Staples phone text alerts, they'll give you a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase.
  3. Gift vouchers can be purchased and a pdf could be sent to Operation Short Creek.
  4. The best deals on discounted gift cards that I found:
    --GIFTCARDGRANNY.COM 4% discount (
  5. If you use, you can get 1% cash back on your order from

STAPLES BEST DEALS through Saturday 8/8

- Crayola Crayons 24 count box 50¢ (limit 30)
- Staples wire bound 100 sheet notebook 25¢ (limit 30)
- Composition books 50¢ (limit 30)
- Staples 2 pocket folder 0.25¢ (limit 30)
- Staples #2 12 pk pencils $1.00
- Crayola 12pk colored pencils 0.97¢ (limit 30)
- Crayola 10pk big markers 0.97¢ (limit 30)
- Crayola 10 pk thin markers 0.97¢ (limit 30)
- Glad Tall Kitchen trash bags 200ct was $24, now $9.00 clearance
- Dawn Dish Detergent 56oz was $9, now $2.00 clearance
- Glad drawstring bags w/febreeze 80ct was $16, now $6 clearance
IN STORE ONLY EXTRA SAVINGS WITH COUPONS (From June newspaper inserts if you can find them)
*Clorox Disinfecting pop-up premoistened Wipes 3 pack was $14, now $3-6, depending on the individual store. also has a printable coupon online .
*Bic Round Stick Ballpoint pens 60ct $4.00
*Bic Xtra comfort pens 12 pack $1.50
*Bic Xtra-Fun 8pk colored pencils $2.00
*Elmers's Pourable Glue 4oz $1.00
*Wet Nap Wipes 132 count pop up pouch $2
*Purell also on sale at some locations


1.) Target has dropped all of their prices on back to school items in stores, and you can clean up and box them up to send to the Children at Short Creek.

2.) The Krazy Coupon Ladies have ideas a plenty about how to go about selecting their haul while there's still a good selection available.

3.) If you have a SMARTPHONE or TABLETand don't already use the CARTWEEL APP for in store bargains at Target for deep discounts on stuff you already use, learn more about it here in this video on YouTube ( You can plan ahead by activating deals (like 30% particular items), but I find that I'm always buying stuff that I didn't plan to get from clearance counters and deciding not to buy things on my list.

4.) You can also use COUPON along with the same items that you buy using Cartwheel. A checkout clerk asked me why I didn't use it on a slow morning a couple of years ago, let me download it while I stood in line and saved a ton of money on stuff she'd already run up. It's even more fun when you have a coupon for an item that's already on sale that you use all the time and they give you a free gift card with promotions. (Laundry detergents and paper products often fall right into that category nicely for me.) Those Krazy Coupon Ladies also do a weekly roundup on great deals (, and Cartwheel itself can send you push notifications on your cell phone to remind you that a deal is just about to expire.

5.) And as always, if you use your Target Mastercard, you get an automatic 5% off purchases.


1.) Hollar is sort of like Big Lots overstock online for small items and is also one of the best places to buy “As Seen On TV” items. Sometimes they have enough stock to offer items in bulk, but most of the time, their individual prices on most things can even beat Walmart.

2.) They have great deals on school supplies and personal care items, and I've found nice deals on backpacks for kids (so long as they don't have a fantasy character on them). There seems to be a lot of emoji printed items available right now.  Read more here for ideas about what to buy.

3.) The company DOES ship to P.O. Boxes, so there's no problem shopping online to have a qualifying order shipped for free to Operation Short Creek, P.O. Box 840848, Hildale, Utah 84784.

4.) Unlike many other online retailers that require a high sales total, Hollar ships orders over $25 for free.

5.) Hollar frequently offers special promotions offering credit on subsequent orders, and they always offer a $2 credit if you complete your order in a timely fashion. To maximize this benefit, you might wish to register and shop, and then come back later to complete your purchase to get the maximum benefit.

6.) If you've never ordered before, Hollar often gives you automatically get free shipping your first order.

7.) You get $2 off when you sign up for their emails with information about special promotions, price drops on things you tend to buy, and they let you know if you have accumulated store credit that is due to expire.

8.) Currently, if you place an order via the tablet/smartphone app, you can save $3 with this coupon: WHATSNEW3

9.)  Breaking News from HOLLAR!

Operation Short Creek

P.O. Box 840848

Hildale, Utah 84784

Learn more about the needs here: