Sunday, June 4, 2017

Support the Children Without Condemning or Condoning

As specified by those who are helping those among the estimated total of1000 evictees who have been displaced from their residences over the past six weeks, those who could afford to move who could find other housing solutions have already done so.

For those who remain (the majority of whom are children), a handful of people in the area and others across the country who are not part of the sect have joined to assist them with basic survival needs and small, practical gifts to comfort and encourage them.

Operation Short Creek Outreach believes in lending a helping hand in the face of crisis. Mothers with large families, life long members of a controversial sect are experiencing forced evictions and being rendered homeless with out jobs, funds or understanding of the mainstream world. The men have left the community for various reasons leaving the mothers and children to fend for themselves. 
We are neither condoning or criticizing those in need. Some of us are former members of strict sects and understand the unique issues these mothers are facing. It is our purpose to simply provide humanitarian aid.  (from YouCaring Statement)

The effort has set up a facebook page to try to keep people informed. I joined the page to render my own support to help.

Contribute Comfort and Care Gifts Directly:
  • Send a Care Package: Grab your kids and gather up new and used items for a child to brighten their day and to help keep them occupied during such a stressful time. Second hand items are welcomed.

    FedExOffice currently offers a $5 off a $15 shipping fee via a printable coupon through mid June 2017. It may help to drop expense of mailing items to the Short Creek volunteers. Explore the coupons and discounts currently available HERE.
  • Order Needed Items Directly from Retailers: If you find a good deal on care package items through a retailer, you may be able to allow them to package and ship a package for you. For example, offers very reasonable prices on basic art supplies, and orders over $25 ship for free. (I blogged about how I assisted in this way in a series of posts.)

Contribute Financially:

Many people want to help and would find it easier to just donate funds directly which will be used specifically for humanitarian aid for the hundreds of people in need. Link HERE to the YouCaring crowd source fundraising project, “OperationShort Creek”.

  • The page is overseen by Sgt. Kellie Brown (US Army Retired). She will be assisting to ensure all donations are used as intended. Direct questions to Thank you for your kindness.”

(There was also a previous fund started before the effort was named "Operation Short Creek, and it is still active on Go Fund Me HERE.  It was set up and is administered by the same individual.)


If you believe that you can help the community in some other fashion by donating time or if you have access to housing alternatives also direct your questions to