Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mother's Day Joy with Walgreens and Ebates

A Collection of Posts About My Most Precious Mother's Day Ever

I'd made the most out of my Ebates rebates and the JC Penney items that I could reasonably afford, and I recalled that I had procured many points with Walgreens. I get many of my prescriptions there, and with bad allergies and a bunch of other chronic problems, I make use of savvy shopping offers online. I generally by store brand unless some instant rebate or special bonus point offers on name brand items that I use works out to be about the same. Sometimes those name brand items end up paying for themselves, especially if they bump my purchase up into the free shipping zone. Walgreens' Balance Rewards program also helps me plan ahead for consumables that I use, too.

Here's a box of things that came this week. I eat Benadryl by the fist full. I'm also bad about keeping up with taking care of my complexion, and these Neutrogena facial wipes are handy to have around. I think that with the sales and coupons and special bonus offers, most everything ended up being nearly half price. That's how I end up having the points accumulate. I wait to purchase the things that I need when Balance Rewards pays extra points for those items that I know I will need.

I'm glad that Ebates offered 15% off purchases from Walgreens that day, or I would likely have forgotten about the benefit. The extra cash back didn't apply to everything, and I only got a few dollars back on the purchases that I made for these displaced families I endeavored to help. The best thing about the Ebates offer turned out to be a reminder for me of those bonus points that I could cash in. And I think that this might be the only time that I'm glad that I need medications for allergies. It helped get a craft project blanket to kids who were turned out into the mean desert to survive.

Becoming Creatively Crafty

I started looking at various things on Walgreens online, but I didn't see any good deals on anything that I thought would be helpful. The website listed many craft items, and I combed through ones that might be appropriate.

I didn't get any coupon deals, but considering the cost of blankets, I found a craft kit that kids could use to make their own blankets. It seemed like a great two for one deal! Kids are in need of things to keep their little hands busy and they also need blankets. The kit cost about the same amount of money as a blanket did. The best part of it was that I was able to cash in those accumulated points.

I learned in the process of ordering that the system will only let you get a maximum of $50 of benefit for each order. I had so many points that I was able to place two orders which allowed me to make the most out of the points. And somehow, I think that I actually earned points when I cashed in points. The credit didn't pay for the full amount of each of the two orders, but it covered a little more than half of them. So I received a little less than half of those blankets for free.  They cost a bit more, but I figured that there is a pride of ownership in making something that is useful and comforting.  It gives a child a way of feeling like they're not entirely helpless if they can help their own lot by making a blanket.

I really like to make the most of the incentives that Ebates and Walgreens offer to get very good deals on thie things that I use anyway. I was quite tickled with this purchase and how it worked out.


As the previous post notes, if two people sign up using my referral code, I get $50 in my account (either put in PayPal or sent to me as a quarterly check through the mail). I think that whoever signs up gets some incentive, too. Anyone who wants to sign up using my referral code, I promise that I'll use that money to get another deal for the urgently needed survival items for these displaced families. You just link here and sign up.

Be my guest and use the code to link here and sign up for Ebates.

Operation Short Creek
P.O. Box 840848

Hildale, Utah 84784

Memorial Day is On It's Way

Please consider looking for deals that will help offer comfort and aid to these children with nowhere to go. As you're out and about, maybe you can find some Memorial Day bargains. Used items are very welcomed. But I was so happy to put this benefit to good use.

My next post will talk about
how I cashed in my credit with HOLLAR!