Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How Discover Card, Amazon and EBATES Helped the Homeless on Mother's Day

A Collection of Posts About My Most Precious Mother's Day Ever

Continuing my quest to get the best deals on items needed by kids and their moms who found themselves homeless on Mother's Day weekend, I was disappointed that I couldn't find better deals on blankets at JC Penney. As I noted in the previous post, I felt very strongly about getting pillows and blankets. Then didn't have deals that were as good as the pillows and other items.

Big Lots also had a special 15% Cash Back award through Ebates for Mother's Day, but I just couldn't find anything good there, either. They're gearing up for summer, and I'm looking for what are more like back to school bargains. Where else could I look? I looked at Dollar Tree as well and was not that impressed.

Discover Cash Back Bonus at

I took a long look at every store on Ebates that was offering a deal including the same large discount on craft supplies for the kids. I just couldn't find anything online, and since a good sized order generally comes with free shipping from most retailers, I went to Amazon. The other benefit there? I had a nice Discover credit card cash back bonus and Amazon lets me pay for purchases using the bonus. That's also like money that I can spend without actually costing me anything extra.

I wasn't thrilled with the craft supplies for kids (like sketchbooks and crayons and such), but I hunted and hunted. Ebates offers on Amazon change day to day, it seems, and it just so happened that they were giving 3% back on Bed and Bath items that day. So I did my Ebates search first, linked to Amazon from them, and I found a great deal on nice furry throw blankets.

I imagined that these would be extra comfy and comforting to a child, and the price was right because I used my bonus dollars to buy them. If you'd like to help, please consider looking for items like these or perhaps ordering more of the same ones that I sent (for free). Free is always good. :)

I just made sure to note that weekend deliveries shouldn't be made since things were being delivered to a post office box. I was so happy to see how nice they looked upon arrival.


As the previous post notes, if two people sign up using my referral code, I get $50 in my account (either put in PayPal or sent to me as a quarterly check through the mail). I think that whoever signs up gets some incentive, too. Anyone who wants to sign up using my referral code, I promise that I'll use that money to get another deal for the urgently needed survival items for these displaced families. You just link here and sign up.

Be my guest and use the code to link here and sign up for Ebates.

Operation Short Creek
P.O. Box 840848
Hildale, Utah 84784

Memorial Day is On It's Way

Again, if you're an shopper, please consider taking advantage of some of their warehouse deals or perhaps bulk items (toiletries or small travel bags) to send if you can't send a care package. As you're out and about, maybe you can find some Memorial Day bargains. Used items are very welcomed, but I didn't have anything to send for kids. It was nice to know that I was able to help comfort some kids and their moms – which is why we have this holiday anyway.

My next post will talk about
how I cashed in my credit with Walgreens.

Okay, so I fibbed. Walgreens, and Hollar to follow.
Not sure in what order, though.