Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hollaring for Help on Mother's Day

A Collection of Posts About My Most Precious Mother's Day Ever

Well, HOLLAR is just about all that I have left for ideas for retail therapy if you don't have items to send in a care package for a child or you'd like to save on shipping. There are some fantastic deals available, and their bulk items have sold out since I ordered over the weekend.

According to their FAQ page, “Hollar is your destination for the coolest gifts and goods starting at just $1. With a gazillion categories to shop, there’s always something new to score each and every day. We’re all about making shopping insanely fun—and keeping wallets extra happy. ☺”

They have just about everything from soup to nuts, and the items remind me of something between Big Lots and Home Goods or Marshalls, save that it's all online. Purchases under $25 have a $5 flat rate shipping fee, but over that amount, shipping is free. If you know what you want, once you start filling your cart, a timer pops up and offers you $2 if you can complete your order before15 minutes elapses. For some reason, I had $8 in my account that just happened to be expiring on the day before Mother's Day, so I bought several bulk items.

What to Buy?

There's a Summer Sale going on that can save you even more money on your next purchase, I gave into temptation today and ordered a bunch of $1 items. These religious families don't like cartoon characters like Disney or Star Wars, though there are some bargains on those items. Animals are fine. And keep in mind that these children don't have anywhere to stay, so whatever you decide to gift to them as a craft item, keep in mind that it will have to be easy transport quickly. Notebooks and journals are nice because you can write on them without the need of a table.

I took the liberty of making a list of items that are suitable and are very reasonably priced, even for Hollar. I could have but didn't check out their reasonably priced personal care and toiletry items, too. You might want to peruse them as well as the beauty items or Father's Day gift ideas if you want to try to spend $50 to get the big reward of $15 off your next purchase. (Take note of the special code 'SUMMERFUN' that you must enter when you check out to make sure that you get your discount to reward yourself later.)

Listed below are my own my Short Creek picks! The mothers have asked for specific items, so we want to honor them and purchase the things that will be most helpful to them. These seemed like the best deals that will stretch your dollar as far as it can.

And of course, there's a nice referral program. If you register, I get $2 which I'd be happy to spend on this relief effort, and when you make your first purchase, you get $2 off your order. If you order something for the women helping these displaced children, I'd love it you'd use the referral link. :) It will help pay for my habit.

More Mother's Day Stuff

In the post to come, I'll share the really beautiful things that happened to me on Mother's Day this year which just really touched me deeply. It's the first one since I got married that I haven't felt shame or grief over having no babies of my own and because of my estrangement from family. I poured my heart out, and I found that it was filled back up so quickly with love and kindness from many of my would be sisters and my new found family of friends.

It may take me two posts, actually. It was pretty monumental for me.

More to come about why this was an amazing Mother's Day.

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