Friday, September 2, 2016

Urgent Items to Note! A Weekend Film and an Important Cause

Item One for Saturday

Either tune in or set your video recorder for Saturday's airing (03Sep16) of Holy Hell on CNN which will be shown in prime time with an encore broadcast immediately to follow. I watched Will Allen's documentary on Thursday, and I related to much of it.

What really caught my attention was the shift from the original goal of seeking enlightenment through inner experience to the selfish needs and obsessions of the leader. I thought of how my own spiritually abusive church started projects, only to abandon them.

I also thought about how Quiverfull always comes up with some new hobby horse that people must ride to be accepted. And don't you dare think about the inconsistencies!

Item Two ASAP

For those of you in California or for those who know someone that they can bug to do it, please encourage Governer Jerry Brown of California to sign the Protecting Youth From Institutional Abuse Act. State legislature sent SB 524 to him and it's awaiting his attention.

And for everyone, please consider signing the petition urging Governor Brown to approve the bill which will create support for the nationwide effort to curtail the abuse that takes place unchecked in teen reform homes. The Los Angeles LGBT Center supports the measure, and it saddens me that the many huge churches in the LA area didn't take up this initiative. Probably, most know little to nothing about the Troubled Teen Home Industry. Everyone can benefit, regardless of these abuse homes where parents believe their children will be rehabilitated. Instead, they are tortured.

Read more about it at Vanguard Now.