Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Getting Back to Blogging and Photo Hacking

I finally moved out of the 20th Century and bought a Smart phone, but not without some casualties.  I thought I was deleting images from  my phone to save memory...  Ha!  I inadvertently deleted a couple of years worth of images from this blog --  291 of them if I remember correctly.

Basically, I've been overcome by life events....  Though things are looking up.

I plan to replace a couple of the missing images every day, but then... I plan to do many things.  (Sigh.)  I have yet to finish responding to Cynthia Jeub's blog in the hope of helping parents feel more comfortable with their adult children and the independent choices that they make.  (I haven't read there since I last posted about her writing here on this blog.)  But to that task  I will return in the Fall.

I feel so old!
I'm not sure when it happened, either.

In the interim and amidst the latest scandal (which seem to be monthly since I last posted here), keep up with Spiritual Sounding Board, Homeschoolers Anonymous, Recovering Grace, and No Longer Quivering for the homeschooling related drama.